Casey Gardner
Set in Motion Press

One tale of metamorphosis and four mythological meta muses of flux.




Distance has a way of making things look possible

Distance has a way of making things look possible

Mysteries and myths of transformation.

IT BEGINS WITH A POEM abstracting the notion of thresholds, then opens to a story of the nymph Daphne who is transformed into a tree. Revolving the book and peering into the alcoves, the reader moves into the territory of the four “Mythological Meta Muses of Flux.”

Daphne has a passion for hunting in the wild forests. She is pursued by the god Apollo, whose edict from the Delphic Oracle is gnothi seautón, know yourself. Yet she prefers her liberty, and rather than be caught, she pleas “Change Me!” 

I rewrote this story from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, from Daphne’s point of view, to explore the phases and risks of transformation. Her determination to remain free is inspiring, yet her call for change has an unexpected outcome, as do many thresholds we cross. 

The book also features four Mythological Meta-Muses of Flux for guidance through thresholds. They are muses of the imagination who assist in journeys of transformation. They each have a distinct role in the creative process. I’ve given them names based on greek roots: Euthalia, Eupraxia, Eutropia & Euphemia. 

The book is made to be turned and read, moving through magical landscapes of change. The border reads a continual refrain of There is no Fixed Self. The alcoves beneath the map move from day to night, expressing our constant state of change through time. 

there is no fixed self


Handbound Letterpress printed book structure with pop-out turkish map. 

Materials: Rives Heavyweight and Rives BFK Elephant Hide, book cloth.

Dimensions closed: 5.75 x 11.5”; open: 11.5” x 11.5”

Edition Size: 50, Price: 600


The Solace of Velocity

A muse upon Ovid's tale of Daphne and Apollo & the transformative space between inspiration and determination.